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Quality Home Inspections from Jacksonville to St. Augustine, Florida

Buying a house is a big decision—make sure you’re investing wisely by enlisting the help of a local home inspector.

Sterling Home Inspections will give you the whole story, identifying details about the home’s structure, foundation, electrical, plumbing, and more. To minimize unpleasant surprises and unexpected difficulties, you’ll want to learn as much as you can about the newly constructed or existing house before you buy it.

We are dedicated to making sure we are thorough in every home inspection we perform. Our team will thoroughly comb through your prospective property to make sure it’s structurally sound. We’ll document our findings with photographs in a detailed report and make our recommendations for improvements and suggested maintenance.

What is uncovered during an inspection can become part of a sales negotiation between buyer and seller, and their respective real estate agents.

What Does a Home Inspection Services Cover?

Each home is unique, so what is inspected during a home inspection will vary. At Sterling Home Inspection our certified home inspectors thoroughly inspect these areas:

  • Attic, including condition of insulation
  • Ceilings and interior walls (general condition)
  • Doors and door frames (general condition)
  • Floors (general condition)
  • Foundation
  • Heating and cooling systems
  • Interior electrical systems, including wiring
  • Interior plumbing systems
  • Roofing
  • Structure, interior and exterior
  • Windows (general condition)

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Why a Home Inspection Services Matters

A thorough home inspection also gives you knowledge about any potential home repairs. Armed with your report, you can either negotiate needed repairs as part of the sale, or plan how to budget to make the repairs yourself after close. And remember, you are not required to be there for the home inspection but it is highly recommended that you are so that you can observe the process and ask questions as you learn about the condition of the house and how it should be maintained. Buying a home is potentially the biggest investment of your life. The inspection step is your opportunity to watch and learn about your purchase first-hand.