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Termite Inspection

termite inspection st augustine flWood Destroying Organisms (WDO) are cause for great concern amongst homeowners, buyers, and sellers. For this reason, as certified home inspectors, we are knowledgeable about these creatures and the effects they can have on your home.

The most common and destructive wood destroying organisms is the termite. There are thousands of termite species in the U.S., but we have listed the characteristics of four problematic termite species that can cause significant damage in and around the home.

Subterranean Termites:
  • Live underground in protected nests
  • Resemble grains of rice
  • Feed on wood
  • Develop wings in the spring
  • Dried insect wings are a sign of their presence
  • Build tunnel systems
  • Live underground in protected nests
Drywood Termites: 
  • Create nests above ground
  • Infest attic or high spot in a home
  • Don’t require a water source
  • Football-shaped pellets fall from the nest
Dampwood Termites:
  • Rarely found in the house
  • Usually adjacent to a house near moisture
  • Do not construct tunnels
Formosan Termites: 
  • Mainly found in Texas and Louisiana
  • Colony is usually larger than subterranean termite colonies
  • Able to chew through metal and plastic to reach the wood

We at Sterling Home Inspection Services Inc. are here to help you better understand the damage the wood destroying insects can do to your home and the preventative measures that can be taken.